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Prankster link? Open to Anyone involved in the last tag event RPG, [Kotetsu, Raidou, Ibiki, Kei] [29 Sep 2006|07:13pm]

Shizune had invited Raidou to breakfast and had given him something so that he could sleep off the genjutsu after effect. After she has confirmed that Raidou was asleep on the couch, she got up to return to her duties at the hospital. Upon arrival, one of the medic-nin ran towards her and reported that one of the prisoners at the prison required medical attention. The prisoner had refused to allow anyone to go near to him lately, let alone feed and touch him. Although a prisoner may have been punished once by law but twice by own guilt, it was still no reason to refuse medical attention and starve oneself to death. She clenched her fist at the thought. Shizune assured the medic that she would take care of this matter.

Later she arrived at the prison. After talking to one of the prison guards, Shizune was led to the cell carrying the tray of food with some medical supplies on hand. They walked down a dark coridoor and stopped at a cell. Almost immediately, Shizune recognised the scarred face who shot her a "What the f*** you want now?" look.

Ibiki.... Shizune has heard about his crimes that landed him into this cell. She turned to the prison guard and requested to be alone with the prisoner. The guard refused but then complied reluctantly after a few moments of reassurance. She walked slowly towards Ibiki, prepared for any negative outcome he might give. She placed the food in front of her as she settled herself down to Ibiki's level.

"Ibiki-san, are you all right?" She asked in a soft voice. "Is something wrong?"
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[28 Sep 2006|11:25am]

OOC: Not even sure if there's anyone who's not involved with the Sand stuff out there playing right now, but heck~! Also, I'm a BIT confused as to what Team Gai is up to. I had thought they were staying home, but then I wasn't sure if maybe they had been sent to the Sand and I just missed it??? Arg. Playing 3 is hard.

["Action" - casual~][Open to: Anyone in Leaf][Downtime/waiting/etc.]

Lee had learned to take it easy. Of course, taking it easy for him was the pace of a lunatic for a normal shinobi, but at least he'd figured out not to work himself into utter exhaustion by the end of the day. A proper night's rest and proper nutrition were of great importance and he now knew he should neglect neither.

It was nightfall when he headed home from his favorite practice grounds, having stayed long after his teammates. Neji had returned to the Hyuuga house for more specific training in the afternoon and Tenten had an appointment with her weapons dealer for a new set of ultraslim kunai - a birthday present from her parents a total of 6 months overdue. Neji's birthday had come and gone and Lee wondered what if anything he'd recieved from his family. Neji didn't usually talk about them very much, even now and he was sure if he'd gotten anything it was not something he'd discuss.

Lee, however had no parents. Gai-sensei always rememberd his birthday and he always got something thoughtful from him. Tenten's was March, Neji's was July, Gai-sensei's was January... Lee wondered as he walked home if there were other teams with birthdays all in different months. He passed by a busy restaurant and heard some familiar voices from within and just at that moment, his stomach rumbled.
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Broken Air Conditioning Thread Opened. Locked to ALL those who are in the Sand right now. [21 Sep 2006|10:06am]

[ mood | amused ]

Participation RulesCollapse )

Who is Involved?Collapse )

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[28 Mar 2006|03:00pm]

[Plot][Open to: Everyone...?][War]

OOC: Hi all. This is the knew Kabuto. *waves* I'd like to discuss ideas for this war plot that's going on right now but I don't want to step on any toes or do anything wrong.

My AIM is xxsabakuno gaaraxx which you might be able to add by clicking if I've done it right... otherwise see my info page. I'd like to discuss some ideas so please message me if you see me online~! ^_^

If this is a fine place to say "I'd like to have Kabuto do ______ what do you think?" let me know. I never used this plot journal when I played Gaara and I'm not 100% how it's supposed to be used.

Thanks in advance~!
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[Action Thread][Closed to Sakura and Ino][The War Begins] [19 Feb 2006|09:46pm]

[ mood | determined ]

Sakura was on her way to the shop where she and Ino had planned to meet for yogurt when the sound of the invasion alarm went up. For a moment she and everyone around her stood still, listening, filling the air with unspoken thoughts. For Sakura, her mind suddenly flashed with memories of complete darkness, silence, and days of starvation and solitude.

And then something in the back of her mind came charging into the forefront, like a wildfire that was determined to keep burning.

"Everyone to your places!" she barked to everyone else with her. "Civilians to evacuation centers, those with jobs to your posts!"

It was like clockwork. There was no hesitation, argument, or even panic. Everyone had been drilled, informed, and had rehearsed their roles, so all that was needed now was to execute them. Sakura didn't even need to look back to make sure everyone was doing their part as she rushed toward her own post. She didn't get far however before finding trouble. A small band of five, perhaps spies that had been in the village long before, were already fighting their way further toward the center of the village when Sakura ran in front of their path.

They didn't waste time trying to eliminate her and she was forced to pivot hard and jump back several consecutive feet to avoid the volley of shuriken they sent after her. She replied with her own, forcing them to scatter, and her to come face-to-face with one. She thanked her training with Lee-san for her faster reflexes and ability, but despite it, she was kicked back against a wall and looked up just in time to see kunai heading right for her head.

Gritting her teeth, Sakura brought her forearms up to protect her, preparing for her first injury...

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OOC [31 Jan 2006|09:33am]

[ mood | Playfull ]

Erin, Sorry I haven't been on for the past week. I've been working a lot. I'll be on tomorow night, and just about every night this and the next week save for thursdays (don't know about the weekends, might be burried up to my ears in coding) so if you could kindly make yourself (and Sasuke) available please?

Temari's bored.

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OOC [29 Jan 2006|10:52am]

[ mood | cold ]

Sorry I've been so busy guys~ School's been a killer. Can the Sound/Akatsuki players (if you guys are still alive ;;___;; ) just reply here if you're around~? ♥♥♥♥♥

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[Thread] [Open to: all] [a semi-usual trek into town] [06 Jan 2006|08:45pm]

Shino, liked to read quite often. Huge, confusing books that often when he attempted to explain the contents of to Kiba, would only garner blank stares and silence from the other. Then again, Kiba hardly ever asked what he was reading anymore and if he did, he called it boring. Nevertheless, Shino still was a frequent reader. However, this particular afternoon, aforementioned reading was interupted by bits of being unable to focus correctly. He shrugged off the feeling, taking then to going outside, underneath a specific tree around his clan's complex to read, but still no go.

Needless to say, it was strange for him to ever really feel restless in this manner while sleepy at the same time. With a sigh to himself, he shut the huge philosophy book he'd been trying to read, and decided he better find something else to do. After some thought, he went with the idea of going off into town. Besides, he needed to pick up a few things anyway, namely better bandages for the uh....wound on his arm that was now becoming rather unsightly. Granted, this was not the first time he'd suffered a bite from a certain Inuzuka, but really, the last time Kiba'd bit him had been..a long long time ago. And not this badly. Maybe it had something to do with the way his teeth were now? They -were- more like fangs now a days. Of course, that didn't much explain the sluggishness of his own kikai in repairing that injury....

Either way, thank the gods he always wore that trademark jacket of his. Long sleeves helped hide bandages, and that way no questions were asked. Much easier that way. So soon enough Shino found himself walking down the streets of town, hands in his pockets like usual, though still a bit on the absentminded side, unlike usual considering he'd kept walking past the shop where he'd meant to stop off at. Instead, bookstore'd caught his attention again. Nevermind that he hadn't finished that other huge book, apparently it was time to browse around for another.

Within the shop, he picked up another ecology-themed book and began to look through it, flipping pages slowly, and eyes scanning text from behind tinted lenses.

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[Thread] [Open to: Team 10] [Mission] [01 Jan 2006|11:41pm]
Ino wondered why her team always managed to land the stupidest missions. Hokage-sama would lecture every mission was important and this one in particular was well paying, but nevertheless, stupid. A woman was paying them top dollar to trail her husband and see if he was with another woman. Ino really didn't understand why it took three chuunin to do this mission, but Hokage-sama had insisted it be them.

Usually she wouldn't have minded this sort of thing, as it was easy money, except for this particular mission they were supposed to watch the man at a restaurant where he would supposedly be taking his mistress. Not to mention she and Shikamaru had to pretend to be "a young dating couple madly in love" (seriously, that's what the scroll said; Ino couldn't believe it either) while Chouji was supposed to hide and tape the goings on of the illicit meeting. Just to put salt in the wound, Shikamaru was the leader of this mission, which meant Ino had to answer to him. She did, of course, though curtly and sometimes with a "Yes, SIR!" and a salute just to piss him off. The mission wouldn't have been so painful if they were on speaking terms, but as of that moment, they weren't.

Even though she was still angry, Ino took at least an hour to get ready for dinner. The village they were in was warm and sunny, so she donned a light blue dress and sandals, holding a small sweater in case it grew cold. Her hair hung down her back, held away from her face with a few simple clips. While Ino wanted to look good she wanted to look simple, as she didn't want to give Shikamaru the satisfaction of thinking she tried to look good for him.

It was all worth it though when they got to the restaurant and Ino played up to the part of a teenage girl in love. Every so often she would throw out a "darling" or put her arms around him and press against his side. Of course he would immediately tense up and then try to play it off to look good for the people around him but oh, revenge was sweet. She would enjoy this.

They finally took their position at a table as Chouji hid inside of a nearby bush, camera and walkie talkie ready.
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[Thread] [Open to: Tenten, Ino, Sakura, Hinata... and anyone else who happens by the bar] [22 Dec 2005|05:24pm]

Tenten leaned on the bar and ordered her third drink of the night. She was trying to take it slowly -- she still hadn't quite gotten over her experience last year, in Sand -- but she could feel the alcohol burning in her veins. All of the things that had been upsetting her slowly drifted away as the bar became nothing but bright lights and loud music -- and was Ino dancing on the bar again?

It was nice to have a night out with her friends.

Of course, when you're this drunk, everything is nice.
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[Action Thread] [Open to: Shika, Chouji] [Flowers for girls, Yakiniku for MEN] [23 Dec 2005|02:18am]

When Shikamaru entered the restaurant to be greeted by the salty fumes of cooking meat, he didn't turn left; the table that his team usually occupied seemed unusually hostile that afternoon. Besides, it was situated dangerously near to the window, and he wasn't about to run chances of bumping into Ino. Yet.

He turned left; proceeded to the table in the furthest corner. No windows, and naught but a lamp that suspended from the ceiling to illuminate the area. He took the liberty of ordering cold tea before Chouji arrived; if he weren't a minor he'd have joined his Old Man on a drinking spree the night before.

He sighed, staring thoughtfully at his interwoven fingers upon the dark brown table as he waited for his friend to make an appearance.

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[Action Thread] [Open to: Shino, Kiba.] [Boys will be boys.] [21 Dec 2005|01:09pm]

It was a really bright day outside, Shino noticed this right off the bat and was rather thankful for the habit of wearing his family's trademark shades. Weather aside, he wasn't much out there for the sake of appreciating that aspect of nature. He was out there to do, what else, but collect more insects. A never ending hobby. The bespectacled boy had wandered toward the wooden area where team 8 freqently trained, a prime spot also for his search of bugs.

Hands in his pockets and attention fixed forward, his mind was elsewhere while he headed to his destination. Nice and quiet out there too...
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[Log] [Closed] [Kiba gives Ino "sage advice"] [19 Dec 2005|01:36am]
And they say girls are hard to understand.Collapse )
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[Action Thread][Open to: ALL][Flower shop/General] [18 Dec 2005|11:13am]
Taking inventory was hard to do with only one arm (seeing as how Shizune was forcing to wear a sling for most of the day), but Ino was trying her best to get around it. She had nearly broken three vases in a span of ten minutes before her father banished her to work the register. At least it wasn't a boring morning-- many people came by to say hello and say they were happy to see she wasn't dead. It was a bit morbid, but Ino was cheered up by the fact that some people were happy to see her. The blonde shinobi tried to ignore the fits of rage that threatened to overtake her whenever she thought of certain people who were actively avoiding her, even though it seemed like a really troublesome thing to do.

Caught up in her thoughts, Ino didn't even realize a boy at the counter was talking to her. "-- don't you think so, senpai?"

She blinked and looked down. Right. He was paying her. "Right!" Ino said cheerily, handing him his change. She had no idea what she was agreeing with, but it was best to make the customers feel happy and important. Her mother would kill her if they lost a customer due to flakiness.

The young boy smiled brightly. "I mean, it's so hard to believe Shikamaru-senpai is so young and practically Tsunade-sama's right hand man, but he's amazingly smart and a good tactician--"

The change fell to the counter with a clatter. "WHAT?"

He looked confused, wondering what he did to anger the older girl. "I-- uh-- that is--"

"Take your flowers and GO," Ino literally shoved him out the door with her good hand.

"B-but, senpai--"



Ino sighed and rubbed the bridge of her nose. She was completely losing it. At least she had tonight to look foward to. They WOULD go out and have a good time, even if it killed them.

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[Leaf Invasion Plot] [15 Dec 2005|09:37am]

[ mood | tired ]

Due to finals week and whatnot, Leaf invasion plot will be pushed back until we all have free time to sit down and work on this. I won't be around to plot seriously until at least next week. If you need me for something, just hit me up on AIM and if my away message is up, leave a message or email me.

Until then,


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[Action Thread][Open to: Kidoumaru/Ino][Confrontation] [14 Nov 2005|03:43pm]
The scenery blurred past her, a mix of greens and browns and earthy tones. The wind felt cool on her warm face, pale hair obstructing her view for a moment. It was her first completely solo mission, which had initially made her nervous. Not because she didn't believe in her skills, but because it was almost impossible for her to imagine not having the strong, silent support of her teammates beside her. Still, many times during the mission she had heard the voices of her teammates, telling her to calm down, think, anticipate. Ino had no time to think about the on goings of the hot springs, as much as she wanted to. Her mind was in battle mode, void of any feeling or emotion.

It had taken longer than expected—she wondered if people would be coming to search for her. Ino didn't want to make any worried more than they already had been over her and picked up the speed, jumping from tree branch to tree branch. A cold feeling made it's way into her heart, skin prickling and the hair at the back of her neck rising. The sick feeling had been with her for a good few minutes before she slowed down her pace once more. Finally she came to an abrupt stop, hearing a soft sound only feet away.

Someone is following me—there!

Immediately her hand went for a kunai and threw it in the direction of the sound, sharp eyes narrowing, preparing herself. "I know you're there. Come out."
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[Plot][Open to: Chuunin 12] Hot springs [09 Nov 2005|12:47pm]

Unless there are major objections, this plot is now completed. Your next post should take place in Konoha.

Thank you.

- Management.
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[Action Thread][Open to: Naruto and Hinata][Codename: "The cold crush lover is here"] [04 Nov 2005|08:30pm]

Hinata drowsily awoke in the middle of the night. She rubbed her eyes, turning over a few times in an attempt to get comfortable and get back to sleep, but it didn't seem like that was going to happen. She resorted to staring at the ceiling -- her eyes didn't want to close. But finally, after several minutes listening to the other kunoichi in the room breathing deeply, Hinata wriggled out of her futon. There was no use trying to go to back to sleep -- the effort doing so was making her feel more awake...

Maybe if I walk around for a little bit... she thought, or go to the restroom, I'll want to go back to sleep...

She slowly tiptoed around the others and slid the door open carefully, passed through the doorway, and slid it close. To her relief, no one had awoken. Hinata started her way down the hallway.
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[Plot][Open to: Konoha jounin, senior chuunin and Admin][Subject Brainstorming some plots..] [02 Nov 2005|07:52pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

So, we have a village full of ninjas and loads of stories because everyone has at least one, yet things seem to be slow now. Who is interested in plotting out a mission, storytelling session or party? Does anyone have any brilliant ideas they've been kicking around for a while or hiding in a closet? This is the thread in which to bring these ideas to light and possibly to life. Is there any country you haven't been to and want to go to? Any mission you find particularly compelling? Any childhood trauma you wish to angst about? Ideas, in this thread!

I suggest a party of some variety. I know we just missed Halloween, All Saints and Day of the Dead, but we're coming up on Armistice Day, so we could do some sort of tribute to the fallen, followed by a party. But we seem to have lots of parties, just nothing recent. While paperwork may run our characters' lives and they may think they're at loose ends, we must think of something very interesting for them to do!:) Thoughts/comments/questions/complaints/cookies?

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[Action Thread][Open to: Leaf Chuunin 12][Hot Springs Misadventures: Night 1] [25 Oct 2005|06:02pm]

The best thing about being at a hot springs, Tenten thought, was the atmosphere. Sure, they had spent most of the day cleaning, fighting and screaming, but still. It was calming. And what better way to end their first night together than sitting around a fire, telling scary stories?

Tenten loved scary stories.

After dinner, she knocked on the three doors. "Come outside," she yelled to her teammates, bounding down the stairs. "I started a fire."

She rubbed her hands together in glee. She had the perfect ghost story to tell.
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