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narutorpplot's Journal

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All Members
This is the place for all plot related posts, action threads and RP logs for narutorp.

For Players:

[x] First, join the community under one or both of your character journals. NO EXCUSES. It takes two seconds to click that link.

[x] All plot related posts, action threads and RP logs will go in this journal. Do not post any of these things to the main community. The main community will now be for admin/mod stuff and announcements ONLY. If a log goes up to the main community, we're going to ask you nicely to move it here, and if you don't, we're deleting it.

[x] Plot related posts must be locked to the community. In the subject line, please write [Plot][Open to: Whoever][Subject]. For example, if I need Team Gai for a mission, I would write [Plot][Open to: Neji, Lee, Gai][Mission to Waterfall] in the subject line. Communities do not allow for filtering. Therefore, if you must plot in sekrit, please do it via IM or e-mail.

[x] Action threads work exactly the same way, except it's [Action Thread][Open to: Whoever][Subject]. Logs are [Log][Characters Involved][Subject]. These do not have to be locked to the community unless you prefer them to be. This just makes things SIMPLE and EASY.

[x] If you have any questions or comments, please comment here

For Non-Players:

[x] Feel free to friend the community just as you would the main journal. However, please note that membership is limited to players only. If you request membership, you will be denied.

[x] As always, please do not comment on any of posts made to this community. We love that you're watching, but please do not interfere with game play. Thanks~!